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We offer architectural design, management, quality review and construction administration services for small to large scale projects. Our experience spans all facets of planning, programming, design and construction with 38 years of experience in delivering these services. We can provide project management on your project from start to finish leading you through the process to a successful project or we can act as your representative thoroughout the project providing oversight of the work that is being produced for both design and construction.  

We can work with you as owner as your sole consultant or we can team with you and your consultants to provide coordination in the best scenario for your success. Whether it is assisting you in the early stages of planning, programming and design, providing quality review of the work produced or working with the contractors in the field during the construction process, we are eager to be on your team!

Please see the following examples of past personal design and management experience; detailed descriptions and role for each are available. See Architectural Design for residential design experience:
If you have any question concerning our services, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are eager to help you find the best solutions for you!